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The early beginnings of this company date back to the period much earlier from its actual foundation. Furthermore, we could talk of a family tradition. Namely, the family Lukavica was in the business of vehicle transportation much earlier before the company BENJA-AUTOTRANSPORTI Ltd. was founded. Before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the early 1990s, this family was the owner of two trucks specialised for vehicle transportation. In this period, the business of vehicle transportation was well-developed, taking into account the existence of VW factory, TAS Sarajevo.

Unfortunately, the early 1990s were destructive for the whole region, especially for Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this period there was a complete adjournment of the economical development. The situation did not changed not even in the post-war period, although the slight improvement was felt, and it was marked by the slow economical growth.

BENJA-AUTOTRANSPORTI Ltd. was founded seven years after the end of the war, i.e. in 2002. In this early period, the company had a few trucks for the transportation of vehicles in the closer area, i.e. Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc. Five years later, the company reaches the high growth of its business operations. In this period the company builds its headquarters on the location in Klokotnica, near Doboj. On this site, the company built its administrative office, the mechanic workpit, and the large parking for all transporting units. The headquarters are situated along the main road A4, which connects Doboj and Tuzla.





BENJA-AUTOTRANSPORTI is today, a respectable company which is categorised as the medium scaled enterprises. Its service is built on tradition, experience and mutual trust. The company owns a large number of transporting units, specialised for the transportation of all vehicle categories (VP, SUV, VU). The company owns transportation units of renown brands such as: Mercedes Benz, MAN, Renault, IVECO, Kässbohrer, Lohr, Metago, Rolfo and many others.





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