Transportation of new vehicles

A huge portion of our business belongs to the transportation of new vehicles. We are proud to state that our company covers around 85 per cent of transportation from EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our loads include renown car brands, which can be seen in the reference list.

Certainly, the company does a certain portion of vehicle transportation throughout Europe. Mercedes factory in Kecskemét; Volkswagen factory in Bratislava and Wolfsburg; Audi factory in Györ and Martorell; Škoda factory in Mladà Boleslav and Kvasiny; Seat factory in Martorell; Peugeot factory in Blyes and Marckolsheim; Renault and Nissan factory in Novo Mesto are only some of the loading spots of new vehicles, which are being transported throughout Europe.

Special attention of our business is dedicated to the transportation of new vehicles from Europe to Bosnia and Herzegovina. As stated above, our company in this category represents the leading force in this category.

Gallery transportation of new vehicles

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